Haven’t we all had a “secret” list for the beginning of each New Year saying, we should exercise more, lose some weight, eat healthy or quit the job that does not make us feel good. And then January hits us and only a few weeks later, nothing has actually changed and those “Good resolutions” are back in the closet until the next New Year’s Eve. Well, the good news is, here are 5 easy steps to overcome this  “resistance”.

  • First, pick the New Year’s resolution that you really really want to achieve. It is often more efficient to focus on 1 rather then 5 or 6 and to really let your energy focus on it.  You can do this by closing your eyes and imagining yourself achieving your goal. Make sure that you picture it well like a fully-coloured, sharp image. Zoom into this image and look at the smile or relief on your face or whatever emotion you want to achieve by reaching this goal.
  • You then want to keep this image in mind, like an inner selfie that you can store in your mind. (For those readers familiar with anchors, you can set an anchor, otherwise stick with the idea of a selfie). Once you are happy with your “selfie”, write it down like a positive message, using the present tense.
  • As a third step, you then set a date (be realistic with yourself!!!) that you want to achieve this goal. It needs to be a concrete date like for example 15th February or 31st March, the date should not be too far away to keep the energy towards it strong.
  • You then set out in small steps to achieve your goal. Small steps are important and vital to your success here. Every step follows the same logic of being positively formulated, in present tense with a set date. We often fail with our goals because they are too big, too unrealistic and not divided into small steps. Our brain feels less threatened by small steps and is willing to “cooperate” more easily.
  • Once you’ve pictured your goal, captured your emotion and your inner selfie, written your goal in present tense, using positive language and setting out small steps, you start with the first step and you congratulate yourself once you’ve achieved it. Please note, that both parts are equally important, the “doing” and the “congratulating”!! To enhance commitment, write your goals and steps down in a journal and keep track on your progress on a regular basis.

Good luck with realising your first “realistic” New Years Resolution!