Who has not been faced with this task? Speaking in front of an audience. For some of us it is a fun and a natural task to do, but for most of us, it is one of our biggest fears.

While there are many aspects that are linked to stage fright, here a 4 ways that really work for me to handle stage fright.

  1. Welcome your anxiety.

    Have you ever wondered, why it makes you so nervous talking to an audience? Probably because you want to do it really well and/or the stakes are high for you: the speech is supposed to make an impact on the audience. Since it means a lot to you, being nervous only show the importance that you attach to this. So indeed be proud of your nervousness, you face the challenge bravely by doing it as well as you can. Remember being nervous only means that there is a lot at stake and that you’ll grow from this experience.

  2. Picture your success.

    Imagine yourself with a big smile on your face,  the audience applauding and you thanking them as you exit the stage. Notice what effect this picture has on you. How happy you feel, how relaxed your muscles are and how relieved you are. Well keep this image in mind, it is a positive engine that pushes you to perform well.

  3. Build you speech based on storytelling.

    If you want to capture your audience, start your speech by telling a story that your audience can relate to. Your audience is sitting here to listen to you, so surprise them by being original, funny and HUMAN. Remember it they can relate to you as a person, whatever you need to communicate to them, will be a much easier pill to swallow.

  4. Picture your favourite person in the audience

    Imagine your best friend in the audience. Your best friend wants you to do well and s/he is a huge support so imagine talking to him/her while talking to your audience. You will do it with your heart and the audience will perceive this.

    Let me know how this tricks work out for you.  Best of luck!!